Connections with NEA

CEA 2010 TEAM at MLT Philadelphia with NEA President Dennis Van Roekel

Northeast Regional Minority Leadership Training Program

 Philadelphia, PA  October 22-24, 2010

CEA President Phil Apruzzese appointed five teachers to represent the association at the Northeast Regional Minority Leadership Training Program sponsored by NEA.  This two-year  program  promotes minority educators to assume roles of leadership in the association and union at all levels: local, state and national.  This year’s program was held in Philadelphia the weekend of October 22-24, 2010. The five members of the  team were:  Gloria Chapman from Hamden, Luanelly Iglesias from Waterbury, Leonille Kadambaya from Groton,  Sharissma Simmons from Bridgeport,  Lara White from CREC.  Linda Lew-Roca, Ethnic Minority Director At-Large, served as the senior  team member and mentor.  Maureen Honan, NEA Director, a member of  the  program’s Planning Committee, also attended.  Two other CEA members were  present as NEA trainers: retired CEA member, Richard Melvin,  and Edgar Roca, Ethnic Minority Director At-Large.       Congratulations to the new team members on completing the first phase of the program!

The 2010 CEA MLT Team with Edgar Roca and Maureen Honan

Edgar Roca with Lara White & Sharissma Simmons


Gloria Chapman, Edgar Roca, Maureen Honan

CEA MLT Team with Edgar Roca and Maureen Honan

Lara White, Gloria Chapman, Leonille Kadambaya


Maureen Honan, Paula Monroe(NEA Executive Committee), Luanelly Iglesias

Sharissma Simmons, Lara White, Gloria Chapman

Sharissma Simmons, Leonille Kadambaya, Luanelly Iglesias, Linda Lew-Roca

Turn Hope Into Action with Sharissma Simmons, Leonille Kadambaya, Luanelly Iglesias

Indriani Demers from Maine with Linda Lew-Roca


Another NEA Meeting….

FALL 2010 Meeting for 3-1(g) Plan

CEA President Phil Apruzzese sent a team of three from the state to attend NEA’s 3-1(g) meeting  in Washington, DC the weekend of October 15-17, 2010.  CEA members were:  Ana Gonzalez-Batista, Minority Affairs Commission Chair; Linda Lew-Roca, Ethnic Minority Director; and Cheryl Prevost, CEA Secretary.  CEA must submit by December 1, 2010  its new plan to meet the 3-1(g) goals to have 23%* of the NEA-RA representativesfrom Connecticut to be delegates of ethnic minorities.                                           * based on 2000 census

NEA Headquarters for 3-1(g) Meeting

Cheryl Prevost reviews CT's bright spots with help from Linda Lew-Roca

Cheryl Prevost and Ana Batista with Mary Clair, Hispanic Caucus Chair